Granite Bay Connections (CONNECTIONS) believes that the hallmark of a healthy community is its willingness to embrace individuals who might otherwise be marginalized, displaced, or even ostracized by society. Recognizing the challenge of integrating individuals with disabilities, especially those with high-risk behaviors, CONNECTIONS is committed to offering intensive support within a community-based context.

As an Agency we affirm these standards of service:

Quality Service: We have a dynamic, competent, caring staff team with diverse academic backgrounds and professional experiences.

Timely Delivery: Effective service delivery requires immediate attention and concern. Utilizing all the benefits of modern communications, the Agency harnesses the collective wisdom of the team to meet pressing challenges.

Flexibility: People's needs change over time and it is the responsibility of the team toadjust services accordingly.

Value: Service satisfaction always comes first; however, by prioritizing service goals, it is possible to provide services at a reasonable cost.

As an Agency and as Individuals, we affirm these values:

  • Personal Growth & Achievement
  • Honesty & Accountability
  • Self Esteem & Self-Worth
  • Life-long Learning & Education
  • Collaboration & Community
  • Safety & Security
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